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June 6, 2007

How to be a Futurist

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I stumbled upon a fascinating set of presentations about being a technology futurist during my study of the technology singularity.

From John Smart of the Acceleration Studies Foundation:

How to be a Strategic Futurist
An integral approach to predicting, managing, and creating our accelerating future. For futurists.

(169 slides, 6MB)

Long, but absolutely fascinating. Some interesting things to note:

  • These slides were shown at Tamkang University, Taiwan, and the US Army War College.
  • Tamkang University is the top ranked private University in Taiwan, a country driving the edge of technological acceleration. They have a program for Future Studies that offers 15 courses.
  • Courses in Future Studies are a general education requirement at Tamkang.

Perhaps they see something we don’t?


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