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March 16, 2007

The Real Value of Twitter

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So I came acrosspeople’s comments on Twitter, a communication hub service. Interesting stuff.

Some have commented on the banality and uselessness of the content, which is probably what the vast majority of people will create. But surely there are some real uses for this service?

Twitter serves an important role as a media-hub, a place where communication comes together. It could serve a very important place in the mobile world, namely, allowing people who are not plugged in to participate.

Imagine watching a twitter feed for a group of protestors. Or a group of friends doing the flash-mob thing. Twitter actually lets you watch the action on a number of different channels. SMS locks it away (and taxes it, to). This mixing gets really powerful when you combine it with other apps to do real things. (The current content’s banality is because most people aren’t doing interesting/relevant things all the time. So why are you telling everone about it?)

Just wait until some interesting event takes place that you can’t participate in, but you can watch on Twitter. Then you will see the value.

Some ideas for an evolved form:

  • fluid group creation and dissolution
  • more actionable system tie-ins (maps!, photo/video blogs)

Kind of reminds me of a popular IRC channel – lots of banality, the occasionsal useful tidbit. The real value on IRC is generated in a channel of 30-60 people dicussing a relevant subject area, so maybe there is some middle-ground for Twitter networks. You just need to find the right topic.


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